This month Oracle has released Oracle Knowledge 8.6. In this post the highlights of this release will be described.

A number of new operating systems, databases and browsers are supported in the 8.6 release.
The most important items are:

– Solaris 11
– Windows Server 2012
– Oracle 12c database
– Oracle RAC
– SQL Server 2012
– Java 7 and 8
– Weblogic 12c
– Tomcat

When looking at functionality there are 3 major improvements which will please a lot of users.
After upgrading it will be possible to relate articles to each other, even if they are located in a different channel.
The next major improvement is that activities of an author in the CKEditor fields are seen as user interaction. In this way the sessions will not time-out while writing long articles. This will reduce the amount of lost articles upon saving because of the session time-out.
Also the translation process has been improved on many points, making it much easier to translate content.

Analytics has been improved, 17 new reports will become available, including some reports regarding Answerflow performance. Answerflow itself has been improved on almost every aspect.
The last point of the application which has improved is the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) integration. In this version the functionality has been expanded with integration in the chat channel for the Oracle Service Cloud