Ebicus & Pega

Ebicus is your Dutch partner for the complete product lifecycle of Pega CRM. The strength of Ebicus lies in the expertise we have built up in recent years in the field of CRM, Customer Experience and the automation of the processes that support this. Pega fits perfectly with our Ebicus identity based on our many years of experience in:

  • Enterprise environments
  • CRM processes
  • Integrations
  • Working in projects (agile/scrum)
  • DevOps

Pega Expertise

Looking for specialists in Pega CRM to strengthen your project team?

With more than 20 years of experience at large enterprises, our experts are an added value in your team. From business analyst to architect, from business analyst to architect, from developer to administrator and from configurator to product owner: Ebicus has all the knowledge in-house to tackle your challenges.

Are you looking for a Pega SA, SSA or LSA, please contact us.

Dutch speaking Pega consultants

At Ebicus we implement and maintain Pega solutions for our clients.

We rely on Dutch-speaking experts, who have gained years of experience in Dutch Enterprise environments, so that they know how to operate and adapt quickly to achieve the desired results.

Certified consultants

Certification is the confirmation of the knowledge and experience of a consultant. By certifying our specialists, we can better assist our customers in designing and implementing Pega solutions. Our consultants are officially certified at the Pega Academy on the following certificates:

  • CSA Certified System Architect
  • CSSA Certified Senior System Architect
  • CLSA Certified Lead System Architect
  • CBA Certified Business Architect
Certified Employees

Agile Scrum in Enterprises

Our consultant have a lot of experience working agile in scrum teams in large organizations. In short iterations they quickly realize success in often complex IT landscapes with many dependencies. Our consultants know how act in these environments and they know that collaboration is crucial to achieve success. Our consultants also regularly act as Product Owner or Scrum Master within scrum teams.

Together with stakeholders our consultant create solid Pega solutions that are widely accepted within the organization.

Looking for Pega expertise?

What is Pega Systems?

PEGA Systems - Atomic Building

Pegasystems is software for digital process automation and customer engagement, in particular Business Process Management (BPM). BPM is a methodology in which we discover, model, analyse, measure, improve, optimize and automate business processes. The purpose of this BPM method is to increase the efficiency, performance and agility of daily business operations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are examples of Pega’s innovative technologies that are part of the standard solutions. However, the focus is on Pega Infinity, where Pega CRM and Pega Platform are the most important components.

Pega CRM

Pega CRM offers optimum customer experience throughout the customer journey on one integrated CRM platform. Have customer interactions take place consistently across all channels (omni-channel), simultaneously (“real-time”) with a predictive analysis (“next best action”) using AI and robotics. With the Pega CRM suite you combine in-depth standard functionality with the extensive options for adapting and personalizing processes.

Pega CRM consists of:

  • Pega Marketing,
  • Pega Sales Automation,
  • Pega Customer Service, and
  • Pega Customer Decision Hub.

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