A modern marketer plans their campaign down to the smallest detail, is responsible for a cross-channel experience for customers and ensures that they can report on campaigns and account for the investment. Oracle Eloqua gives marketers the most versatile Marketing Automation Platform available on the market.

Modern marketers have to measure everything and provide accountability to demonstrate the impact of their marketing initiatives on generating qualified sales leads. In addition, marketers have to clarify where the MROI (Marketing Return on Investment) is coming from. This task is made easy by email marketing analytics that provide instant insight into the status of the sales and marketing funnel through the dashboard and reports – all within a single marketing platform.

Integrated lead management, campaigns and assets that are easy to create and greater insight into marketing ROI are just some of the advantages. Contact your prospects and customers personally (and through automated processes) with responsive emails and have them land on your personal landing pages. Synchronise all new marketing data with your integrated CRM and get even more out of Eloqua.


In order to drive profit, modern B2B marketers must identify profitable campaigns and segments. Eloqua has powerful marketing analytics and reporting software that measure the results of all campaigns.

Data-based marketing is essential if you want to generate quality leads from your marketing campaigns. Using Eloqua encourages your marketing team to analyse campaigns and launch follow-up actions or campaigns based on these reports. Eloqua’s dashboards and reports provide insight into the sales and marketing funnel.

Who are the leads? Where are they on their buyer’s journey? Eloqua provides a clear picture of your leads so that you can segment them efficiently and target them with highly personalised content. This allows you to increase your engagement in their journey and improve your chances of a higher marketing ROI.

Modern marketers looking to measure the impact of their marketing input use the most flexible and powerful reporting package available on the market. Gain instant insight into your marketing campaigns and see how they are performing. The results make it easier for the entire organisation to make key decisions. Gain better insight into cross-channel, social and content marketing performance.

Using Oracle Marketing Cloud, you can get a clear idea of which campaigns are doing well and which need to be optimised. While running several cross-channel campaigns, the modern marketer also has to decide which actions will help you get value from your marketing investments and determine which content is hot and which is not.

Lead management

Modern Marketing relies on lead management software to automate lead scoring and nurturing. Co Dynamic Lead Scoring™ is the standard in the area of Marketing Automation software within the OMC. This tool ranks leads according to their interest in buying a product or service and monitors the quality of leads in general. Guide your top leads to a sale and easily improve the lead conversion for sales revenue through automated campaigns.

Marketers must make sure they only send the best leads to Sales, which means these leads have to be automatically ranked based on profile and engagement. This way Sales can focus on leads that will deliver the highest sales-conversion rates.

  • Converting cold leads into engaged prospects through relevant and just-in-time marketing.
  • Improve sales efficiency by not immediately sending unengaged leads to Sales.
  • Personalise emails and landing-page content based on different job roles, industries, accounts or geo-information. Make sure your communications are interesting and relevant.
  • Improve your campaign conversion rate.
  • Close more deals by improving sales efficiency.
  • Plug the leak in your sales pipeline and aim for profit growth.
  • BBetter leads lead to better sales!
  • Give Sales the right information on opportunities. Get Sales and Marketing on the same page and close 30% more deals.

Wat gaan wij doen?

Our technical consultants can take care of implementing your Eloqua environment for you. You can also entrust configuration and, if desired, integration to our qualified consultants.

Eventually you reach your customers through a solid marketing campaign. Together with you we determine what is important for you to approach this target group and then our Marketing Automation consultants will apply the most appropriate (tailored) campaign. We define the best possible customer journey and ensure that the right content is available to use during your campaign.

From choosing the right segments, the right steps in the campaign flow and linking major cloud apps our consultants provide you with a well-oiled campaign. This will increase the success rates of your marketing campaigns tremendously.

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