Privacy policy

Version 1.2 – 23/05/2018

This privacy statement was created by Ebicus B.V. for the website It concerns the regulations regarding the privacy from visitors of this domain. This statement describes certain aspects of privacy, also it describes the guidelines for visitors of the website and the website administrators. Furthermore, the use and storage of data on this website will be explained.

The Website

The administrators of this website take a proactive approach to the privacy of users and ensure that necessary measures are taken to protect the privacy of visitors during their website visit. We think it is of great importance that personal data is handled with care. Therefore personal data is processed  with utmost care and will be kept secured. We adhere to the requirements of the privacy legislation.

This results in the following:

  • Through a privacy statement we clearly state the purposes for which we process personal data;
  • The collection of personal data is restricted solely for the necessary use;
  • we will explicitly ask you permission to process your personal data, if this is required;
  • Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, unless it is necessary to provide the requested service or when we are legally obliged to do so;
  • Appropriate Security measures are taken to protect your personal data, not only by us, but we also demand this of parties that process your personal data at our request;
  • Providing you with the right to look into, correct, or delete your personal data on your request;

Lastly, we want to state that we will never, nor did we ever, resell your information to third parties.

If you feel the need to contact us in regards of this privacy statement, you may do so via the contact form below.

Contact & Communication

Visiting our website is at your own free will. Moreover, providing your personal information is at your own risk. Your personal information is kept secret and stored safely until it is no longer of value. All efforts have been made to guarantee a discrete and safe environment for mail-processing. However, website users are reminded of the fact that using the online email form is at their own risk.

This website and its users may use the information provided to offer additional information about products / services that we offer or to assist you in answering possible questions or requests that you have submitted. This may also include that your data is being used to sign up for a (newsletter) email campaign. Of course, this only happens when you have given explicit permission for this (for example via a form) or when you have made an earlier purchase or application to a product or service to which the e-mail newsletter is related. The above is by no means an exhaustive list of your user rights with regard to receiving e-mail marketing material.

Use of cookies

This website makes use of Cookies to improve the user experience. Where applicable, this website uses a cookie control system, which enables the user on his first website visit to allow or prohibit the use of cookies on their device. This policy complies with recent website laws and regulations to obtain explicit consent from users before files are left or read on their device, such as cookies.

Cookies are small files that are stored on the hard drive of user devices and serve to track, save and store information about users and their use of and action on the website. This enables the website to offer its visitors a personalized experience with the help of the server. Users who do not wish to consent to the use and storage of cookies on the hard drive of their device are advised to consult the security settings of their web browser in order to block all cookies of this website and its affiliated parties.

This website uses tracking-software in order to monitor website visitors to better understand their behavior. The software is provided by Google Analytics, who makes use of cookies in order to monitor visitor behavior. The software stores the cookie on a hard drive of your device, with the sole purpose of monitoring your website behavior; However it does not collect or store any sort of personal data. For more information, we kindly refer to Google’s privacy policy. [].

Other cookies may be stored by affiliated parties in the event that the website contains references, sponsored links or advertisements. Such cookies are used to monitor conversion and are able to trace references. These normally expire after 30 days, although this may take longer for some cookies. No personal information is stored, saved or collected. An exception to this are the cookies from Oracle Eloqua. Through this cookie we try to create personalized communication based on the digital behavior of a visitor. For example showing content on the website that best suits the visitor. Do you want to know exactly how cookies are stored and the exact reason behind it? Please read more about our cookie policy on the following page.

To secure & safe data

We take appropriate security measures to restrict the access and misuse of your personal data. We ensure that only the necessary persons within our company have access to the data, that the access to the data is protected and that our security measures are checked regularly.

Data is not longer stored than needed. Meaning we only use the data in order to deliver your requested product or service. With exception of data, that the law obliges us to keep.

Apply at Ebicus: data processing and storage period

In order for us to process your application, we may process the following information: first name, last name, gender, date of birth, address, postal code, place of residence, telephone number, e-mail address, education level, availability, status of the application, your resume and your motivation.

Personal information provided by you to Ebicus, including the CV and personal motivation, will be retained by Ebicus for a maximum period of 4 weeks after the end of the application procedure. If you have given permission for this, the data will be deleted after 1 year after the termination of the application procedure. If you have been hired by Ebicus, your details will become part of your personnel file.

External links

Although this website only appears to contain qualitative, safe and relevant external links, visitors are advised to use a policy of caution before clicking external web links, which may appear on this website. External links are clickable, textual / banner / illustrative links to other websites. The administrators of this website cannot guarantee or verify the security of the content on these linked websites despite the best intentions. Visitors must therefore be aware at all times that clicking on these links is at own risk and that this website and its administrators cannot be held liable for possible damage or consequences caused by visiting these external links.


The Ebicus website uses its own photo material and its own illustrations. Also, (free) stock photos and vectors are used (among others from @dooder).

Advertising & Sponsored links

This website may contain sponsored links and advertisements. These are usually from our advertising partners, who may have their own extensive privacy policy for the advertisements they post. By clicking on advertisements you will be redirected to the website of the advertiser, which may use cookies and keep track of the number of redirects from this website. This may imply the use of cookies, which may be stored on the hard disk of your device. Visitors must therefore be aware at all times that they click on sponsored external links at their own risk and that this website and its administrators cannot be held liable for possible damage or consequences caused by visiting these external links.

Social Media

Efforts to communicate and perform actions on external social media platforms on which this website and its administrators acts, are subject to the respective guidelines and regulations as well as the privacy policy of each of these social media platforms.

Visitors are advised to act responsibly on these social media platforms and to proceed with caution in relation to their own privacy and personal data. Neither this website, nor its administrators will ever ask for personal or person-sensitive data through social media platforms. We recommend that visitors who wish to discuss (personal) sensitive information should always, if possible, use primary means of communication such as telephone or e-mail.

This website can use ‘social sharing’ links, which enable the sharing of content from web pages directly on social media platforms. Visitors who wish to make use of the social sharing link are reminded that they do this at their own risk at all times. In addition, they should be aware that the relevant social media platform can save the use of this link and can use it to place content on your personal social media platform.

Shortened links in Social Media

This website and its administrators can use their social media platform accounts to place web links to relevant web pages. Some social media platforms shorten longer URLs by default to a shorter URL such as:, and

Users are advised to use caution before clicking on a shortened URL posted on social media platforms of this website and its administrators. Despite the best intentions to ensure that only legitimate URLs are published, many social media platforms are subject to spam and hackers. Therefore, this website and its administrators cannot be held liable for any damage or consequences caused by visiting these shortened links.

Sources and additional information

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Effective as off August 2016 – Drawn up & Adjusted by: Ebicus B.V., Suikersilo West 27, 1165 MP Halfweg, The Netherlands.

Questions regarding your privacy?

Privacy is much discussed in the media recently, in particular the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). if you still have questions after reading this privacy policy, please contact us via the contact form below. We try to come back to this as soon as possible with the correct answer. Given the importance of protecting your personal data, we have created a separate mailbox for all your queries.

Security and privacy go hand in hand with our daily way of working and it is a principle that we must hold dear.

Hereby I give Ebicus permission to process my personal data. I have read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of Ebicus and I accept the terms.

We are proud of the secure way we work, and we want to keep you informed on why and how we use cookies and trackers on our website! Therefore we would like to make sure that you have read our privacy statement and cookie policy.

Together with this page we also published a cookie policy