Siebel is the most comprehensive on-premise CRM solution on the market. When it comes to customer relationship management, the largest companies in the world rely on Siebel by Oracle. Siebel is at the heart of an integrated customer journey. By bundling all your customer interactions in one place, you’re always able to offer your customers the best service. As a contact centre manager, you can always see what your customer has done online. As a marketer, your campaigns will be triggered by your customer’s last interaction in the store. Your sales force has a 360-degree view of the customer and knows exactly what action to take next. And if you’d rather run Siebel in the Cloud than on-premise, there’s nothing to stop you!

Siebel Managed Services

Let’s assume you’ve been using Siebel for a while now. If you’re an IT manager, the business will no doubt have asked you to be more flexible in delivering new functions – but at lower costs, of course. This is a dilemma, as Siebel is fairly complex. Your resource needs vary and it’s difficult to retain knowledge. In that case, Siebel Managed Services by Ebicus is the perfect choice.

UX Make Over

Ultimately, we all know that CRM success depends on how enthusiastic the users are. Did you know you can achieve considerable cost savings by making it as easy as possible for your users? You can make great strides by using Siebel Open UI or the UX solutions offered by AER. After our UX Makeover your business will be much more process-driven, instead of your people simply filling in fields in the application. Trust us – they’ll appreciate this!

CRM Transformation Program

How does Siebel CX fit into our strategy? What will our CX application landscape look like in five years? How can we save costs on our Siebel application? How can we be more Agile? If you want to make Siebel future-proof, we’ve developed the perfect solution for you: the CRM Transformation Program. We’ve formulated answers to these and many other questions so that you can get the most out of your Siebel investment.

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