SalesForce Quick Scan

Start optimizing your SalesForce environment today and request a Quick Scan NOW! 2 days of consultancy, resulting in a roadmap for quick quick wins and long-term optimization, including Marketing Automation. A fresh look at your environment to help you move forward into the future!


How do we operate?

  • By analyzing your current application. We would like to receive prior to the onsite visits
    • SalesForce License overview
    • Architecture overview
    • Overview of the realized integrations
    • List of wishes and requirements and / or challenges regarding the application
    • Overview of the use cases yet to be realized
  • Through functional and technical watch sessions. In these sessions that each take up to 4 hours, we look at how the application is currently set up, whether custom work has been applied and which integrations have already been realized.


Output Ebicus

The output of will consist of a presentation given by Ebicus. Part of this presentation will be:

  • An overview of identified Quick Wins
  • License analysis
  • High level action plan to carry out possible further optimizations of the current environment



In short, we deliver a step-by-step plan, in which quick wins are presented and we clarify whether the purchased licenses are sufficient. In addition, we deliver a high-level plan of action on further cooperation in order to implement functional wishes and requirements that do not fall under the quick wins, but are high on the priority list.