Sales Cloud

As the second largest software house in the world, Oracle provides cutting-edge solutions for customer relationship management. Oracle Sales Cloud ranks among the best in providing CRM functionality and user-friendliness. We don’t just say it, we believe it. We’ve been successfully implementing Oracle CRM applications for our customers for more than 15 years now, and yes – we also use it ourselves.

Sales Force Automation

Finally, a CRM system that really does help your sales team seal the deal! Oracle Sales Cloud makes their work easier and more fun with mobile apps, Outlook plugins and a context-sensitive Sales Coach. And with built-in Analytics, you no longer have to go to Excel for the best reports. Ebicus has successfully helped companies implement their CRM for more than 15 years. We can help you achieve your targets!

Sales Performance Management

Take your team to the next level with Sales Performance Management (SPM) in Oracle Sales Cloud. With SPM you can, for example, better align compensation schemes to the business strategy and better match your territories to your salespeople’s abilities. SPM makes it easy to identify and reward the desired behaviour of your sales team. Ebicus has extensive experience in implementing SPM. What’s your level of ambition?

Customer Data Management

Truly getting to know your customer is the first step towards a good customer relationship. Oracle Sales Cloud helps you manage and maintain your Master Customer record. Data purging, consolidating different sources and enriching the information – all of this is made easy for you. Not only does this help in the sales process, it also allows you to share this Master Record with other applications for faster decision-making, better service and more targeted marketing.

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