Policy Automation

Nobody likes rules, but we’re constantly thinking up new ones. This often leads to implementation headaches, not to mention high costs. Whether you work for the government, a financial institution or any other service-provider, you’ll no doubt have experienced this. Oracle Policy Automation helps you adapt to rule changes as flexibly as possible. You no longer have to rely on costly IT teams, as you can model your rules yourself. Your simplified IT landscape also means you’ll be much more flexible, giving your customers the possibility to arrange matters with you themselves. They’ll be able to go through complex rule-driven processes without your intervention. Oracle Policy helps you make huge financial savings but also deliver excellent Customer Experience.

Dynamic interviews

Some questions don’t have a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. How do you guide people through complex decision trees as smoothly as possible? Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) relieves you of many hassles. Because OPA tells your contact centre agents exactly what questions to ask and where they are in the process, they require much less training. Even better, you can make OPA instantly accessible through your self-service channel so that your customers can arrange matters themselves.

Compliance Management

Every customer wants just one thing, and that’s to get the right answer. We often hear that customers don’t receive the right information, or incomplete information. This can have disastrous consequences for the customer, not to mention deflate a good Customer Experience. Use the OPA rules engine if you want to make sure you always give the customer the right answer after completing the process. This is compliance management made easy for you.

OPA CX Connector

Get the most out of your Oracle Policy Automation application by seamlessly integrating it with your other CX solutions. If you’re using the Oracle CX Suite, a lot of work has already been done for you. As it happens, we have a lot of experience with OPA’s Siebel and Service Cloud connector. We’ll happily help you decide what’s best for you so you can be up and running as soon as possible and focus on what matters most: answering your customer’s questions.

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