Pega Test Specialists 

You are busy translating the wishes of the business into actual solutions that fit within the possibilities that Pega Infinity offers. You work in sprints towards an increment that the business wants to use shortly. However, the latest developments and adjustments need to be tested extensively. Things often go wrong, as you might have no experienced Pega testing capacity and knowledge, causing you to miss your sprint deadlines, your backlog to accumulate and the tension between the business and the scrum teams to increase. 

Ebicus Pega Test Specialists 

Our test specialists have years of experience in complex enterprise environments, know the challenges of CRM landscapes and know how to connect with the business. This knowledge combined with achieved Pega certification offers the appropriate solution to solve your test challenges. Our testers perform the following activities, among others: 

  • Performing all tests occurring within new implementation and maintenance processes, this in collaboration with other stakeholders and users of the systems and applications 
  • Set frameworks and give direction to the scrum team what should be tested in which way and determine which tests must be performed to determine the quality 
  • Assist in determining what and how detailed, is to be automated 
  • Contribute to the first implementation of the (automated) regression tests with the chosen test tool. This includes setting up standard building blocks for checks, offering messages and taking care of database inserts and checks 

Benefits of Ebicus Pega Testers 

You immediately have experienced in-house testing specialists who are used to performing their work in an Agile environment. They have knowledge of business processes, the Pega solutions and integrations with other applications, so that they can quickly join the team. In this way effective and efficient delivery towards predictable good quality, shortened lead time of tests and a short time-to-market can be effectively implemented, so that the sprint sessions are not delayed, and the business objectives will be achieved in faster pace. 

Why Ebicus 

Our consultant have a lot of experience with agile working in scrum teams in large organizations. In short iterations they quickly show successes in often complex IT landscapes with many dependencies. Our consultants know how to deal with this, and that collaboration is crucial to achieving success. Ebicus consultants can come up with supported Pega solutions together with the stakeholders. They often do this at government agencies and in the financial sector.