Ebicus Integration Specialist

Your new Pega application is ready for use, but there is one last problem: all customer data you collected over the past years isn’t yet usable in Pega. This data is saved in the applications you’ve been using before you got Pega. Marketing wants to start a campaign soon and you’ve got neither the time nor the budget to completely transfer your customer dataset to Pega.

It is, obviously, possible to integrate Pega with the other applications you have in use. However, making these connections requires specialized knowledge of the various applications and requires particular skills. Ebicus and its consultants have years of hands-on experience in designing integrations in enterprise environments.

Ebicus Pega Integratie

Ebicus offers considerable specialised knowledge and experience in integrations. We have performed these integrations in a variety of industries, including insurance, banking and the public sector and would like to use our expertise at your company to have your integration of Pega with your other applications run as smoothly as possible. Among others, we do:

  • Analysis of all incoming data from your other applications
  • The design and deployment of a fitting data model in Pega
  • The setup of the integration between your external applications and Pega
  • Testing of the deployed integration


The application landscape of your company can be one of our largest competitive advantages. To accomplish this, an effective integration of Pega with your other applications is essential. Ebicus’ integration experts can build this for you as quickly as possible, so that you can work towards an optimal integration of Pega and your other applications effectively and efficiently. This prevents repetitive actions, manual integrations and incorrect data. It increases contentment with your employees and, ultimately, with your customers. Isn’t it great that a customer request can be solved instantly because all relevant information can be found at one single location?

Why Ebicus?

All Pega implementations have integrations with other systems. Even though you can use Pega and your other applications independently, you create much more added value by connecting them. In fact, it’s a waste if you don’t do this. Ebicus can arrange this for you, to ensure you can get the maximum potential out of your data. Within the Ebicus Integration Practice, we renew all our knowledge concerning integrations daily and we always look at the most recent solutions, to ensure we can always use the newest technologies to answer our customer’s questions.