Ebicus Pega Trainees

Just imagine. You have been working on the implementation of Pega or Artificial Intelligence in your department. Everything seems to go smoothly, but time is moving too fast. You need more people, but you can hardly find experienced staff. Young, enthusiastic Pega developers who think outside the box would be a welcome addition to your team, but you don’t have time to train and certify them. The sooner you would have someone, the better.

Our enterprise customers face these challenges on a daily basis. There is a shortage of enthusiastic juniors who can keep a team sharp and at the same time keep up the pace in the stated sprints. Ebicus offers the solution: certified Ebicus trainees.

Ebicus Pega Traineeship

Ebicus offers you the opportunity to enrich your team with our enthusiastic young professionals. Ebicus ensures that these trainees are enrolled in a proven traineeship, in which they learn the challenges of large enterprise customers in the first months before they are deployed in your team. They learn to work agile and as effectively as possible in Scrum teams. Ebicus also provides a complete Pega training. All trainees obtain their Pega CSA or Pega CSSA certification before they start working for our customers. The full investment in this training lies with Ebicus so that from the moment an Ebicus trainee starts in your team you:

  • Have a Dutch- and English-speaking sharp young professional
  • Hire a fully certified junior consultant
  • Do not have to make any additional investments, as the support, training and further guidance is in the hands of Ebicus.
  • Hire a consultant who has also gained knowledge of peripheral challenges, such as automated testing.
  • Receive all the benefits of having an Ebicus trainee

In short, a certified Ebicus trainee can assist you immediately, can be deployed in various roles and can work effectively in your team. You don’t have to guide them, train them, or pay for their certification, as all this will be taken care of by Ebicus. With the guidance and support from Ebicus senior consultants, trainees can immediately participate in your sprints.

Why Ebicus?

What makes an Ebicus trainee so unique? Ebicus is your partner in the entire Pega product lifecycle. The strength of the company lies in the expertise we have built up in recent years in CRM, Customer Experience and automation of the processes that support this. Pega fits perfectly with the Ebicus identity based on our many years of experience in enterprise environments, CRM processes, integrations, project-based working (agile/Scrum), and DevOps. We transfer this experience to our juniors via extensive guidance by our senior consultants. As a result, these juniors come into contact with the specific Ebicus experience from the very beginning, giving them the relevant context and necessary framework to make sharp analyses during projects, to generate new perspectives and to work hard towards the goals that you set