Pega in the current infrastructure: Ebicus Migration

How does Pega fit in your CX strategy? What will your CX application landscape look like in five years? How can you save costs on existing applications such as Siebel, SAP or Microsoft by gradually migrating to Pega? How do you then achieve this within your Tribes, Squads, Scrum teams and in an agile way of working? We have developed the CRM transformation program to tackle these challenges. We have developed an answer that ensures you achieve the maximum return from your Pega investment.

The transformation program

Within the program, we support you in the architecture challenges that the existing landscapes entail. We map these and analyze the potential process optimization to be achieved. We then set priorities and examine feasibility, establishing an ROI after which we develop an approach and starting points for achieving this transformation. We start by gradually transferring smaller parts or processes to Pega. We can also realize larger steps by implementing the Pega Artificial Intelligence modules to introduce new technology in addition to the outdated technology, which will directly bring customer satisfaction to your end customer and thus optimize the total Customer Experience.

Immediate benefits

Within the transformation program, we create a futureproof CX environment. That means you can get the full return from your new Pega environment, while you can also make full use of your current architecture. Together, we establish a growth path in which we transfer the current architecture and processes in a manageable way to your new environment. Our knowledge of data migrations and integration is of crucial importance. Because we look at the people, processes and systems involved, we can generate results in the short term and thus guarantee your ROI.

Why Ebicus

Ebicus is often called in as an external consultant to support a company’s own IT organization in offering a counterbalance to the System Integrator of service. We have a lot of experience in advising on solutions and conducting audits. System Integrators also find Ebicus when they are looking for a specific specialty. In-depth CRM (Siebel, Oracle SalesCloud and Pega) knowledge is scarce, so particularly for more complex issues such as Digital Transformation, Ebicus is the right partner.