Marketing Cloud

Oracle’s Marketing Cloud contains a wealth of cutting-edge marketing software that has been acquired in recent years. From B2B campaign management software and lead-nurturing software to eCommerce software and B2C email marketing software, Oracle’s full range is represented in the marketing stack. Ebicus consultants can help you implement, configure and integrate this software and assist you with campaign management. We can also host campaigns through our Remote Competence Center.


A modern marketer plans their campaign strategy down to the smallest detail, is responsible for a cross-channel experience for their customers and ensures that they can report on campaigns and account for the investment. Oracle Eloqua gives marketers the most versatile Marketing Automation Platform available on the market. Ebicus provides support at the management, technical and functional levels.


Oracle DMP (formerly BlueKai) is Oracle’s Cloud-based Big Data platform and is part of the Marketing Cloud. With more than 700 million profiles in its database, the Data Management Platform is one of the largest in targeting specific marketing based on behaviour. Would you like to know what DMP can do for your organisation and how Ebicus can facilitate this?


Responsys is Oracle’s advanced B2C Marketing Automation Platform. Thanks to this platform’s award-winning and almost inexhaustible email marketing features, you can improve your customer’s journey and help the marketing team achieve its KPIs. Marketing departments will no longer have to send fragmented emails but can work on building long-term relationships between the company and its customers.

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