Ebicus Managed ServicesRemote Competence Center

If you use Oracle applications and you already have the initial implementation phase behind you? Then you probably desire a stable situation. A phase where you get quick answers to all of your questions. Wherein reference requests are picked up smoothly and implemented. Of course, your budget is not unlimited. But you are looking for continuity and flexibility. Then the Ebicus Managed Services is for you. From our Ebicus Remote Competence Center (ERCC), we support you in carrying out management or project work. Of course, the ERCC meets demands the most stringent information security and we are ISO certified.

Maximum Continuity

The knowledge of your specific Oracle environment we share within a group of experienced consultants in the ERCC. This guarantees maximum continuity, so we always can help you quickly and efficiently. You will be assigned a Primary Support Consultant. The PSC serves as your primary contact and coordinate our services. This prevents that you get the feeling of having to deal with different consultants. We will take away any burden.

Optimal Flexibility

We find it important that you get to your service levels. However they look like. Therefore, what we do for you from the ERCC always is customized. Depending on what you or your business expects. This may mean that we have much work to do for you at one moment, and the next moment a little. One of the advantages of our Managed Services: flexible upscaling and downscaling. And when it’s highly necessary? Then 24 × 7 is an option. We will arrange it.

Managed ánd Nearby

You are probably not to happy when you are redirected to some contact center in India or Eastern Europe? Nothing against the people there, of course. But we believe that we can provide added value to you only if we can occasionally look you into the eyes. Therefore, our consultants work from Halfweg (North-Holland). And we regularly come to see you at your office, among your collegues. But of course you are also most welcome at the Ebicus office.

Looking for remote (or onsite) consultants?