Knowledge Management

Knowledge is your company’s capital. But how do you ensure that knowledge doesn’t stay locked in your people’s minds? It’s unwise to depend too much on just a few excellent employees. Training people at your contact centre is an expensive endeavour, especially if your staff turnover is high or your staffing needs fluctuate. What’s more, your customers rely on you to deliver innovative self-service functionalities. You can’t do this if your knowledge management is not up to the mark. What you need is one of Oracle’s excellent Knowledge Management solutions.

RightNow Answers

RightNow Answers is a standard feature in the Oracle Service Cloud. If you’re considering using Service Cloud, implementing this solution is a logical step. It offers you an effective, basic knowledge management tool you can use both in your contact centre and in your self-service channel. This way your customers always get the right answer. Watch this self-learning knowledge database get smarter each day.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced

Oracle Advanced Knowledge (OKA) is the latest knowledge management solution by Oracle. It’s even more sophisticated than RightNow Answers, as OKA not only delves into its own knowledge base but also draws on external sources. This multichannel tool that facilitates 36 languages by default comes with a number of out-of-the-box CRM integrations. If knowledge management is your priority and you’re looking for a Cloud solution, OKA is the choice for you. You might be interested to know that we just happen to be frontrunners in Knowledge Advanced…

Oracle Knowledge Enterprise (InQuira)

What’s in a name? InQuira, Knowledge Oracle, or Knowledge Oracle Enterprise – whatever name it goes by, if you’re looking for an effective knowledge management solution Ebicus is where it’s at. We’re one of the biggest global players in this field. This solution has many similarities with Knowledge Advanced, but also some important differences – the biggest perhaps is that it’s an on-premise solution.

Have you thought about Knowledge Management and you got stuck?