Fusion Middleware

How do you grease the wheels for a smooth customer journey? How do you stay flexible enough to make adjustments in your customer journey quickly and efficiently? No sooner has one app been launched than a new one appears on the horizon, particularly now that the Cloud is booming. Luckily you have a flexibly integrated application landscape, so that’s not a problem for you. You have Oracle Fusion Middleware, which is based on the latest technology and open standards. Managing your application landscape, whether on-premise or in the Cloud, has become child’s play with this cutting-edge business innovation platform.

Suite mentality

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a catchall for Oracle technology that transcends applications. Integration components we often come across in the SOA Suite are BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Enterprise Service Bus and WebLogic. These can be used alongside Oracle applications, of course, but also third-party applications. Naturally Ebicus can help you with application development, but our distinctive proposition is application management.

Identity & Access Management

No doubt security and compliance are increasingly critical requirements for your company, but they shouldn’t get in the way of user convenience. With Oracle’s Identity and Access Management solutions, you can achieve both goals. Single sign-on, authentication and authorisation will be much easier to manage. We’re happy to help you set this up and also assist you with the operational aspects.

Enterprise Manager

Your application landscape is highly complex. You use on-premise applications and Cloud solutions, each with their own peculiarities and challenges. How can we make this easier for you to manage? With Oracle Enterprise Manager, of course. This tool gives you a viewport to all your Oracle solutions, be they applications, databases, middleware or hardware. Oracle Enterprise Manager supports your entire stack.

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