Big Data

Big Data – is it a hype? A buzzword? Or is it indeed the godsend some believe it to be? We’d like to think it’s the latter, of course, especially in a world where customer experience is the new business differentiator. What would it mean for the impact of your marketing efforts if you could analyse vast quantities of available data and use the results in real time in your customer’s purchase process? What would it mean for your sales? You can create a huge competitive advantage by cleverly combining structured and unstructured data. What’s your level of ambition? Let’s find out together.

Data Engineers

Ebicus Big Data Engineers are wizards when it comes to data. Give them tools like Hadoop and Spark and watch them do magic. It sounds complicated, and it is. But you don’t have to worry about the technicalities – leave that to our geniuses. They’ll set you up with the most advanced intel to put to use instantly in your customer journey. That’s why we call our Big Data Engineers Data Wizards.

Data Scientists

Smart use of data – we call that Data Science. How do you create valuable information from a vast and ever-expanding deluge of data? That’s where our talented Data Scientists come into play. Naturally they understand the internal workings of your business. And above all they are top notch analists. These BI specialists are by no means dull and dusty, they’re more like keen detectives looking for a breakthrough. They help you extract valuable insights about your customer.


How something is presented largely determines what you can do with it. You don’t always want to hire techies for a bit of Intel; surely you can do it yourself? Of course you can, whether it involves structured data in your data warehouse or a collection of Excel files stored locally. With Oracle Visual Analyzer you can become a wizard yourself and prepare the most sophisticated explorative reports in just a few clicks.

Do you need advice with you Big Data issues?