Information Security at EbicusAn important theme within our organization

Data is becoming more valuable. It can be the holy grail of your organization and must be handled with care. We understand that all too well. We have been working with data from many sources for almost two decades and we believe that this should be done in a safe, transparent way. This starts internally, with our employees. They are confronted with the importance of Information Security from day one. A message we want to carry out to the world as well.

Ebicus heeft al jaren het ISO/IEC 27001 certificaat | Wij gaan secure om met data van onze klanten én onszelfTherefore, as of 2013 we follow the guidelines of the international norm of Information Security, ISO 27001, with success! In regards to confidentiality and availability of sensitive information, we were positively reviewed. Our information Security System has met the set requirements.

To name a view important benefits of the ISO 27001 certification:

  • All documents with professional secrecy are kept safe;
  • A guarantee we keep your trusted information safe;
  • We offer consistency in products and services that we deliver;
  • Where possible we try to improve our security procedures.

All our employees are trained to protect your personal data. Our organization is ISO 27001 certified in order to guarantee safe handling of data. Ebici guide their customers to stay alert on information security as part of our Customer Intimacy program. Together we work on an improved Customer Experience.

Security is no sinecure

Questions regarding our Security Policy?

Privacy is much discussed in the media recently, in particular the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). if you still have questions after reading this privacy policy, please contact us via the contact form below. We try to come back to this as soon as possible with the correct answer. Given the importance of protecting your personal data, we have created a separate mailbox for all your queries.

Security and privacy go hand in hand with our daily way of working and it is a principle that we must hold dear.

Hereby I give Ebicus permission to process my personal data. I have read the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of Ebicus and I accept the terms.

We are proud of the secure way we work, and we want to keep you informed on why and how we use cookies and trackers on our website! Therefore we would like to make sure that you have read our privacy statement and cookie policy.

How did we implement the GDPR at Ebicus?