The IT Manager's dream scenario

You’re driven by innovation. You launch successful projects and use state-of-the art technology to bring your company to the next level. You’re in charge of things and your people have what it takes to inspire the business and show how it can benefit from everything IT has to offer. Because you always use the latest tools, your company is a frontrunner and has a competitive advantage. Your application landscape is Agile enough to facilitate your company’s ever-changing business needs.

Integrating new platforms is a doddle for you. Of course you keep a keen eye on costs, compliance and security. You work with reliable IT partners and vendors, and sometimes they ask you to be a reference. You always oblige, of course. Anyone who thinks a CIO’s role is outmoded in the Cloud era hasn’t got the memo. At most, the name CTO is probably more suitable.

The IT Manager's nightmare

IT, of course, is always to blame. Nowadays, everyone thinks they know a lot about IT. What your colleagues don’t understand is that your application landscape is extremely complex. The legacy of outdated systems and a torrent of point-to-point integration means that change management is lengthy and expensive. Your administrators have their hands full keeping the application landscape under control. Meanwhile, the business complains that your IT department isn’t providing enough creative input. At the same time, they are often themselves unable to define exactly what it is they need.

Recently they’ve turned to hustling their own Cloud solutions. Halfway through the implementation process they realise it’s harder than they thought and guess who they call? You – but by then the damage is done. Hiring external expertise is a nightmare. It’s hard to find the right people, and if you do they’re often incredibly expensive. Not to mention that external parties can’t always meet your need for flexibility.

Ebicus IT Services

Ebicus has been a Dutch Oracle Business Solutions Partner from the outset. We have been helping our customers implement, manage and maintain Oracle solutions in the Customer Experience domain since 2000. We believe excellent Customer Experience can only be achieved through seamlessly integrated solutions, Oracle-based or otherwise. This is why we’ve built up a large integration practice and are adept at organising data streams.

Our promise to you is that we’re reliable, flexible and will do everything to help you achieve your ambitions. This is rooted in our belief that a long-term partnership is beneficial to both you and us.


On-premise or in the Cloud? In recent years we’ve seen a shift in customer preference from on-premise to Cloud. Hard to believe perhaps but we’ve been implementing CX SaaS solutions for more than 10 years now. We use our own Agile implementation method to show results as soon as possible, as we believe it’s good to showcase small successes. This is good for you and especially your business. But it’s our people, more than our method, that determine our success. They make all the difference.

Management and maintenance

If you’re used to working with large on-premise Oracle applications, you know how complex management and maintenance can be. You’re faced with ongoing challenges. How do you keep your customer’s organisation happy while keeping your budget under control? We help you find a balance between the continuity requirements of production environments and the constant pressure to move to released-based application development, either through Managed Services or hiring on a contract basis.

Managed Services

Naturally you’re relieved that your application has been launched successfully. You’ve celebrated the milestones and now it’s back to business. That’s when you realise that the first administration-free environment has yet to be invented, even in the Cloud. Your need for capacity varies, as you don’t always have work for a fixed number of people. But you do want to ensure the continuity of knowledge while keeping an eye on costs. In that case, Ebicus Managed Services is the perfect solution for you.


At Ebicus, we know everything about Oracle solutions and CX. This is why we are uniquely equipped to help you with these processes. Would you like to know what the best CX architecture is for you? Are you interested in saving on management costs? In how to get the most out of your application or keep Oracle’s licence police at bay? Our consultants will be happy to advise you. And rest assured there’ll be no protracted consultancy procedures, as we like to deliver results quickly and effectively.


Our entire organisation runs on knowledge. Because we believe that our people’s success hinges on the extent to which they can rapidly acquire new knowledge and improve their skills, we have set up the Ebicus Academy. We don’t want to keep that knowledge to ourselves, of course, so we regularly organise training courses for different target groups. Let us know what your training needs are, and whether it’s for end users, administrators or management staff.

Joint forces

We’ve already mentioned the mutual benefits of a long-term partnership with you. But our portfolio may not always be sufficient to meet your needs, so in that case we prefer to introduce you to a partner that will be able to help you. We have a number of reliable partners we’ve been doing business with for many years. We know they’ll take good care of you.

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