The Customer Service Manager's dream scenario

Your customers are extremely happy with you. You always have the right answers to their questions, preferably before they even ask them! Their preferred means of communication is not a problem for you; you have instant insight into their status, so you know exactly when a service is due. Naturally you schedule this for a time that suits them. The costs of your service organisation have been falling for years, and your NPS is increasing. It’s a massive task, but one you accomplish with aplomb.

Together with your Sales colleagues you analyse where you might approach the customer with an upsell. Your input is essential for the team’s marketing strategy. In short, everyone sees that Customer Service is the backbone of a solid Customer Experience. Even better – your entire organisation helps your customer get top scores!

The Customer Service Manager's nightmare

The atmosphere is tense; obviously you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. But your people are faced, yet again, with an irate customer. Although Customer Experience is a priority for your organisation, in practice your people are ill-equipped to increase your NPS.

Finding qualified staff who understand the ins and outs is a major challenge. By the time they’ve been fully trained and immersed in the business, they leave again. Telephone response times are getting worse and the self-service platform is playing up. Try as you may to pro-actively solve these problems as well as manage the latest service channels, you struggle to integrate them. Progress is at a standstill, costs are spiralling out of control and the churn rate is rising. Help!

Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud helps you professionalise and optimise your service processes. As one of the most advanced Service solutions in the world, it supports all possible channels and allows you to integrate your contact centre, your web self-service, your social media channels and your field service processes. A unique feature of Oracle Service Cloud is its exhaustive knowledge management component, which ensures your customer always gets the right answer, regardless of their preferred channel. It allows you to help your customer better but it also saves costs!

Cross Channel Contact Centre

The days when contact centres were only accessible by phone during office hours is long behind us. Customers now expect to be able to reach you at all times through a variety of channels. Over the phone, of course, but also on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and any new platforms that will undoubtedly emerge in the future. We help you to be where your customers are and make it as easy as possible for your agents to do their job well.

Web Self Service

Help your customers find answers to their questions quickly and easily. After all, they don’t really have the time or inclination to pick up the phone or send you an email. They’d rather sort things out online themselves. Where necessary, you can provide extra support through a live chat or co-browsing functionality. Your customer is happy to be helped so quickly and you’re happy because there’s much less traffic to your contact centre. And your CFO will be happy with the cost savings, of course.

Knowledge Management

When your Knowledge Management is up to scratch, it’s easy for you to quickly find the right answers to your customers’ questions. You can make significant gains here, especially when the content of the questions becomes more complex. Not only is it a basic requirement for an effective self-service portal, it’s also a tremendous help in training new people in your contact centre. You’ll find that staff turnover or peak periods are no longer that big an issue.

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