The Customer Experience Manager's dream scenario

Wow, you work for an amazing organisation! You guys are a benchmark for so many companies. Customers rave about you and you consistently get 5 stars in reviews. You’re dab hands at customer focus – it’s in your DNA. And it’s all down to you: you know what the customer wants and you integrate this into your internal processes.

What’s more, you go over and beyond expectations. It’s why you do it! It takes a lot of hard graft, of course. You have to constantly battle it out with your colleagues in Sales, Service, Marketing and Delivery, for a silo mindset never gets you far. You embark on your customer journey and constantly analyse where the greatest benefits can be achieved.

IT plays an increasingly important role in this process, as your business’s online component continues to grow. You’ve managed to get your colleagues on the same IT page. You and your team have also set up a Customer Master Record populated with data from all possible sources. You may not be an IT pro, but you’re reasonably competent in this area.

The Customer Experience nightmare

It could always be worse, of course, but you tire of explaining at cocktail parties that you really do put the customer first. When you finally tell them you’re responsible for Customer Experience Management, they look at you with disbelief and scorn. There’s a lot of room for improvement, of course, but where do you start? You’re bound to slip up several times along the customer journey.

The worst thing is that departments seem to be working at cross purposes. It’s not easy to achieve consistency between all the different KPIs. Sales are still too focused on their own bonus and short-term benefits. The contact centre is rated according to the number of daily calls they can process. It doesn’t bother them if a customer has to call three or four times. Marketing complain that they don’t have the tools for personalised campaigns. In turn, other departments complain about Marketing doing little else but produce pretty leaflets. These are just examples, of course, but how on earth do you streamline it all?

“You have got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” Steve Jobs

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