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During the November ‘15 release update, Oracle announced a new add-on to Oracle Service Cloud, Knowledge Advanced. Quite some time had passed since I heard the first rumors about a cloud version of InQuira. Would this finally be the product the market had been waiting for?

 12 August 2016

The last few months I have been working extensively with the product and I was able to get a good impression about the possibilities and impossibilities of this product. A lot of people asked me lately what the product was like. Was it a brand new module, built from scratch, was it an improved version of the knowledge foundation or maybe even the cloud version of InQuira they had been waiting for. In this blog I will try to answer that question.

All three options are true to some extent. Some parts have been developed from scratch. Especially the part which is used to optimize the dictionary of the search engine. Those of you who have worked with InQuira in the past might still remember the workbench application which needed to be started directly on the server. This piece of functionality has been built from scratch completely. Also the REST API is brand new and a good addition to the product.

A large part of the old InQuira application has been migrated to the cloud. Especially the Natural Language Processing capabilities are similar and also the content management part of the application shows a lot of similarities with the Information Manager application of InQuira. Since Information Manager contained a lot of functionality which was not available in the Knowledge Foundation module, a lot of new functionality is added to the Service Cloud family. Think about version control, workflows, a translation process with appropriate tools, a good WYSIWYG editor and multiple templates for different kind of articles.

From the Knowledge Foundation module, the learned and manual link functionality has been merged into Knowledge Advanced but the best part is the seamless integration into the customer portal of Service Cloud. Although almost all knowledge management widgets have been rebuilt to match the knowledge advanced articles, the functionality is very similar to the old Knowledge Foundation widgets and facilitates users to integrate knowledge management functionalities into their customer portal without a lot of effort.

This combination of InQuira, Knowledge Foundation and newly developed functionality leads to a very promising product and a good addition to the Service Cloud product for companies who want to take their knowledge management activities to the next level. Of course there is room for improvement, but by taking a look at the roadmap, we have a bright future ahead of us!

Paul Mes | Service Cloud Consultant

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